Australia Grape Base Distillery of the Year - Melbourne International Spirit Competition

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Conrad Distillery

Our story

We longed for the day when we had our little own little piece of paradise, where we could bring our heritage and dreams of an Eco-friendly distillery alive. After searching from Victoria to the top of Queensland, we found our heaven in Queensland Wine Country, just 5 mins North of Stanthorpe.

How we started

In Summer 2019/20, before Covid and all the lock-downs, the Australian country was under attack battle worn from drought the fire swept through the land, including Queensland Wine country. It was taking homes, businesses and lives in its path of destruction.

Even if the vines survived the flames, the smoke had infested the crop, and the Wine would be tainted, making it un-sellable, leaving the vineyards no choice but to dump the Wine into the landfill.

Through a proven triple distillation method, Conrad Distillery can take unwanted Wine and removes the impurities. The result is clean, beautiful, fresh spirit that is then can be turn into Vodka, Gin, Liqueur, Brandy and Fortified Wine Products. 


We are passionate about three things

1. The environment –  preventing landfill, be sustainable through reduce water use and CO2 production and increase bio diversity. Currently Conrad Distillery produces less than 82% CO2 Emissions than the industry standard.

2. The People – gives wineries an alternative income for their un-sellable Wine and that Conrad’s customers receives the best of the best product.

3. The Product – Conrad Distillery gives Wine second chance to turn it into dame fine spirits – actually, an internationally award-winning spirit.



Our master Distiller – Debra Spence understand patients is the Key. Taking the time to slowly distill through a copper still, understanding the art of cutting to only keep the heart of the spirits, then letting it rest up to 30 days before repeating the process to ensure each distillation is maximised. Being obsessively committed to ecellence is what drives her and her time to continually improve to produce spirits that you will enjoy.

Conrad Distillery

We thrive in making fine spirits that enrich the taste&soul.


Use Australian Ingredients to produce award-winning extraordinary spirits through Eco-friendly, sustainable methods.


To pay homage to my ancestors Irish Great Grandfathers who instilled a sense of adventure, entrepreneurial, and belief in being a bold advocate.

Conrad Distillery’s name enables the company to align its standards and products with its heritage and the  three pillars of Exclusivity, Innovation, and Connection. The brand will provoke a sense of sophistication, class, and culture with a little bit of Irish mischievousness.


Crafting Unparalleled Australian Paddock to Barrel Spirits through science, nature and the art of discovery for the consumer who celebrates life and their journey.