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Conrad Distillery: Pioneering Sustainable Excellence in Spirit Distillation

Conrad Distillery is a beacon of innovation in the spirits industry, driven by its goal to revolutionise the sector with a scalable, eco-friendly distilling facility that prioritises premium craft spirits and unparalleled customer experience.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: The Wine Rescue Program

One of our landmark initiatives is the “Conrad Distillery’s Wine Rescue Program.” This initiative has allowed us to convert what might have been considered waste into a resource, transforming unwanted wine into exquisite spirits. The program has gained substantial recognition from vineyards due to its financial and environmental merits, and its straightforwardness and convenience have proved appealing.

The comprehensive package includes services like pumping wine tanks and safe transportation to our distillery. Sustainability is embedded in the process – all intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), crates, barrels, and bottles are thoroughly rinsed and returned to the vineyards for reuse.

Our Wine Rescue Program has brought immense value to vineyards since its inception on January 1, 2022. We’ve had the opportunity to rescue wine from closed vineyards, smoke-affected wines, volatile organic compounds (VOC)-affected wines, and wines that didn’t meet the winemakers’ quality standards. With more than 50 wineries in the district, the supply is abundant, and our unique approach is garnering increasing attention.

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Why Conrad Distillery uses Wine Bottles!

Why do we use wine bottles instead of fancy spirit bottles as a distillery? The simple answer is we rescue wine and turn it into great spirits. With over 50 wineries in our district, not everything goes to plan for a winemaker, and despite all his hard efforts, sometimes the wine is not worthy of being bottled and sold. In the past, prior to the Conrad Distillery Rescue Wine Program, the winemaker’s only option was to pump the wine in the back paddock. Today, the winemaker has a choice to sell their unloved wine to us, making some money and helping the environment. To us, it was a no-brainer to use wine bottles to pay homage to the origins of our spirits. – Read More

Eco-conscious Production: Lower Costs, Higher Quality

The second cornerstone of our operations is our commitment to sustainable production practices that reduce costs and enhance product quality. We utilise a closed-loop system, thoughtfully scrutinising every aspect of production to minimise our impact on water, landfill, and packaging. Furthermore, this practice allows us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

We support the Australian economy by sourcing our consumables from local suppliers while furthering our sustainability goals. Our collaboration with Visy, Australia’s leading recycling company, exemplifies this ethos. We’ve calculated that our practices have led to an 82% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to industry standards, and our first batch alone saved over three tonnes of water.

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Carbon Neutral via Catalyst Market

In our quest to be carbon neutral, we finally found an organisation that we are proud to support and purchase our carbon credits from – Catalyst Market is a community and environmentally focused Australian Not for Profit Company.
Catalyst Markets is the first Indigenous trading platform developed and operated by the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation.
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