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Conrad Distillery triple distillation copper still

Choose Triple Pot Distillation

At Conrad Distillery, we’ve deliberately chosen to employ triple pot distillation, a technique synonymous with the esteemed tradition of Irish whiskey production, versus having three or more chambers within the Stil.

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why wine bottle

Why Wine Bottle

Why do we use wine bottles instead of fancy spirit bottles as a distillery? The simple answer is we rescue wine and turn it into great spirits. But it is never that simple – read more.

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Telstra Best of Business Awards

How a regional female lead distillery became a finalist in the Telstra Best of Business – Accelerating Women Category. Every step at Conrad Distillery has been about more than spirits; it’s been about questioning, challenging, and overhauling age-old norms. It’s a testament to what’s possible when diversity and inclusion aren’t mere buzzwords but are woven into the fabric of an organization. Our vision is clear: an industry landscape where opportunities aren’t tethered to gender but are a reflection of capability and passion.

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