Black Rose Gin – Blackberry and Raspberry Gin


Conrad’s Black Rose Gin is an enchanting fusion of premium botanicals, featuring the allure of raspberry and blackberry, heightened by the infusion of Butterfly Pea Flower.

Taste: This unique gin not only captivates with the deep richness of dark berries but also mesmerises with the vibrant hues extracted from the Butterfly Pea Flower. Each sip unveils a bouquet of flavours, culminating in a smooth and alluring finish. Conrad’s Black Rose Gin is a sensory journey where berries and blossoms intertwine to create a truly distinctive and captivating spirit.

Smell: The aroma of forest berries combined with an elegant soft gin and soft citrus notes.

Complements: Seafood: Oysters, prawns, salmon. A box of assorted quality chocolates. Tastes exceptional.

Mix – Due to Conrad’s Gin Smoothness and Harmonious Flavours, it can be enjoyed straight on the rocks with the fruit or floral tonic water, soda water, lemonade or your own.

ABV = 37.5% Calories = 65 per 30ml.

No added colouring or flavouring – No added sugar

Diabetic Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly.

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Mix – This Pink Gin Harmonise exquisitely with your preferred Tonic, Offering a vibrant and Enjoyable drinking experience.

Cocktail – Ginsecco

This is an easy “cocktail” and popular at functions and weddings, and you’ll see tables topped with all sorts of ingredients to “pimp your Prosecco”.

One of the most popular ways to do so is by adding a dash of gin liqueur like Raspberry or Rhubarb to top up your Prosecco. You can also pop in a raspberry or strawberry as a garnish.

• 2 Parts Conrad Black Rose Gin
• Prosecco
• Blueberries

• Add Conrad Black Rose Gin to the bottom of a Champagne Glass
• Fill with Prosecco
• Garnish with fresh Blueberries

It is not a wheat-based beverage, so you don’t have to worry about getting a gluten allergy.


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