Pink Gin – Strawberry and Lime Gin


Conrad Gin Gin distils seven botanicals through the traditional one-pot distilling method of steeping and steaming the botanicals, then fresh strawberry juice to give a blush hue and soft fruit flavour.

Taste: Conrad Distillery Pink Gin is a lively and refreshing spirit that distinguishes itself in the realm of gin. Free from artificial flavours and colouring, Conrad Pink Gin embodies the essence of a delightful summer Strawberry Gin. Crafted using freshly harvested strawberries sourced from local farmers and combined with a zesty lime-infused gin.

Smell: The aroma of fresh strawberries combined with an elegant dry gin and soft citrus notes.

Complements: Smoked salmon blinis, Nuts, Ginger prawns, Berriesd a box of assorted quality chocolates. Tastes exceptional.

Mix – Due to Conrad’s Gin Smoothness and Harmonious Flavours, it can be enjoyed straight on the rocks with the fruit or floral tonic water, soda water, lemonade or your own.

ABV = 37.5% Calories = 65 per 30ml.

No added colouring or flavouring – No added sugar

Diabetic Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly.

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Mix – This Pink Gin Harmonise exquisitely with your preferred Tonic, Offering a vibrant and Enjoyable drinking experience.

Cocktail – Pink Collins
• 2 Parts Conrad Pink Gin
• 1 Part Lime Juice
• 1 Part Sugar Syrup
• 4 Part Soda Water
• Strawberries

• Add ice to a Cocktail Shaker
• Pour in the Gin, Juice, Syrup, and Soda water.
• Stirred, Not Shaken
• Strain into a Highball glass
• Garnish with fresh strawberries

It is not a wheat-based beverage, so you don’t have to worry about getting a gluten allergy.


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