Australia Grape Base Distillery of the Year - Melbourne International Spirit Competition

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We are beyond thrilled to share that out of a whopping 22,000 entries, we’ve been spotlighted as finalists in the Telstra Best Business Awards – Accelerating Women. It’s such a surreal experience, one we’re still trying to grasp fully.

The recognition is amazing for us as it highlights our mission beyond crafting exquisite spirits; it’s about sculpting a meaningful transformation in our community and team with a profound respect for our environment.

Navigating through a predominantly male-driven industry, we felt a pressing need to build a distillery that did more than merely fit in. We wanted our workspace to be a beacon for women, a place where they felt empowered and essential. Take our still, lovingly named Bruice as an example. We meticulously redesigned it to ensure that tasks typically seen as challenging, from its disassembly to managing inventory, were streamlined to be user-friendly for all.

In a span of just 16 months since our inception, the community has begun to sit up and take note of our innovative policies. Traditionally, our wine and distilleries have had a predictable narrative, where leadership roles and the primary workforce predominantly featured men. When Debra Spence, a female entrepreneur, ventured into this realm, reactions ranged from nonchalance to overt scepticism.

Yet, her unwavering belief in collaboration over competition has gradually begun rewriting the script in our wine/spirit community. We’re no longer just another distillery; we’ve become a curiosity, a conversation starter. The increased inquiries about our pioneering wine-rescue system and other offerings signify more than just business interest. They indicate a shifting paradigm that’s more inclusive and open to shaking up the status quo.

The fruits of our collaborative ethos are palpable. Partnering wineries have unveiled new products and broadened their revenue avenues, and some have even been catapulted to international fame, clinching prestigious awards. And it’s heartening to see that an industry historically set in its ways is capable of such progressive transformation.

It’s a testament to what’s possible when diversity and inclusion aren’t mere buzzwords but woven into an organisation’s fabric. Our vision is clear: an industry landscape where opportunities aren’t tethered to gender but reflect capability and passion.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who’s been a pillar of support, especially our mentors, patrons, and supporters. Your unwavering faith and insights have been the cornerstone of our growth.

With heartfelt thanks, we look forward to writing the next chapters of our story, underpinned by equality, innovation, and a spirit of collaboration. Cheers to what lies ahead!