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Paris 2024

Charlotte's ink gin bottle

Our Quest for the Best – Paris

Excused from prepping months of stock for the customers while we were away, we landed in Paris after a 40-hour journey and needed a bath and bed before hunting for inspiration for our distillery.

Could this inspiration come from the dizzy heights of the Eiffel Tower, where Edison and Mr. Eiffel contemplated various inventions and how they would improve the lives of the people wondering in wonder just 280 meters below them? Unfortunately, inspiration was not found in Hemingway Bar at the Ritz Hotel – the French cannot do Hollywood Tacky.

Thomas Edison and Eiffel
De L Arbre Sec Distillery Paris

We trampled the parchments of the Paris street, tasting the delights as we sipped on Provence Cote Rosé and not finding a decent gin in sight. That is until we came across the newest boutique distillery in the heart of Paris – Distillery De L’Arbre Sec.

This beautifully designed distillery and its first-release gin are a delight at the end of a spring day. I truly wish I was not restricted by luggage weight, as this little lady would have come home with me. So, if you’re in Paris, please call and say Hi to Charlotte, Nicolas, and Charlotte.

Time to head to Ireland