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Why Wine Bottle

why wine bottle

"Crafting Sustainability: The Story Behind Our Wine Bottle Choice"

At Conrad Distillery, our commitment to crafting exceptional spirits is deeply intertwined with our passion for sustainability. You might have wondered why we choose wine bottles over fancy spirit bottles – the answer is a journey that transforms rejected wine into extraordinary spirits.

Our vibrant district boasts over 50 wineries, each with its own story of dedication and hard work. However, not every winemaker’s journey goes according to plan, and despite their best efforts, some wines don’t make the cut. In the past, the only option for these unloved wines was to be pumped into the back paddock, until the birth of the Conrad Distillery Rescue Wine Program.

Today, winemakers facing setbacks have a choice – they can sell their rejected wine to us, not only making some money but also contributing to environmental well-being. It’s a win-win situation that has transformed what was once a heartbreaking end for these wines into a new beginning.

For us, the decision to use wine bottles was a no-brainer, a heartfelt homage to the roots of our spirits. The true revelation, however, came to light during the 2023 London Spirit Competition, where our spirits shone with gold but our packaging earned a humble bronze.

The competition served as a valuable learning experience. Expert judges and industry professionals, unbiased and insightful, revealed our oversight – the lack of communication about our unique bottle choice. Wine bottles aren’t just vessels; they symbolize our commitment to three essential principles.

Firstly, they pay homage to the very essence of our spirits – the wine itself, acknowledging its origin and the transformative journey it undergoes. Secondly, our choice to use 100% recycled wine bottles from Australia’s Visy ( is a testament to our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and meeting sustainable goals.

Thirdly, as we continue to grow, we have the flexibility to access large bottling machines for hire. This strategic decision not only keeps our capital expenditure and costs low but allows us to pass on these savings to our cherished customers.

In the end, the 2023 London Spirit Competition wasn’t just about accolades; it was a pivotal moment in our journey. Beyond the glimmering gold in our spirits, it highlighted our story of innovation, sustainability, and resilience. Every sip of our spirits now carries the tale of transformation, from rejected wine to award-winning spirits, all housed in bottles that embody our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Cheers to crafting spirits with heart and purpose!